Welcome to Tomorrow's Vision Foundation, a non-profit organization created to provide hope and assistance to those in need. Our focus is on health and vision care, education, technology and workforce development.

PayPal and MissionFish

Tomorrow’s Vision Foundation now accepts donations via PayPal, and we are a recognized charity on MissionFish over at eBay, so when you are ready to give, select the way most convenient for you and give generously. Did you know that for just $12, you can provide a new pair of glasses to a person in need? That’s just over THREE CENTS A DAY! Please consider making a donation today.

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Erik Wahl Inspires TVF

After attending a few conferences where Erik Wahl delivered his trademark artistic vision / message, we approached him and asked that he participate in Tomorrow’s Vision during the planning stages of this organization. Without hesitation, Mr. Wahl provided us with creative guidance and assisted in the development of our image and philanthropic vision. We have been inspired.

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TVF To Support Adoptions

The board of directors has announced the creation of a new program. Upon the receipt of a recently pledged endowment, Tomorrow’s Vision Foundation will soon support families interested in growing their families through legal adoption. Adoption is defined as the process of taking voluntarily, the child of other parents, as one’s own child.

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